Below are the Golden Valley Pride festivities we celebrated with our community in 2022:

June 13, 2022 – Concert in the Park at Brookview

We had a great evening with everyone, jamming with Dred I Dread and enjoying the start of summer!

 July 16, 2022 – Food and Necessities Drive with Prism

A huge thank you to those that donated, and came out to see us!  Prism was able to make a much needed impact to the community with food and clothing donations.

 August 27, 2022 – Summer Pride Social

What a blast!  We hope you all had as much fun at Under Pressure as we did.  It was wonderful seeing our friends, family and neighbors at this fun-filled event!

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"The celebration of queers and allies in the suburbs is critical. Pride celebrations provide places of safety, visibility, and comfort for a lot of people. It's empowering, it brings diversity, and at the end of the day, Pride is also about the community.”
Golden Valley MN Gay Pride Rainbow Flag
Christopher Robinson
Golden Valley Pride Festival Chair